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New website

I am pleased to announce Bar Math, a complete system designed to help students visually understand Math concepts. Ideal for teaching arithmetic by visually demonstrating the four rules addition,subtraction, multiplication and division. The same system can be extended to provide a better way to learn about fractions, directed numbers and algebra.

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First Lesson Starter

Lesson starters can be a great way to get your students minds working and focused. They can also allow the teacher a few minutes to get organized for class while the students complete the task

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Updates and Bug Fixes

Sorry it has been a while since there have been any improvements on the site. This is partly as I just haven't had much time to do so. But also I have been developing a new exciting system called bar mathematics that I hope will aid with teaching and learning Mathematics. I will be talking about this is another blog post.

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Erastosthenes 2.0

The latest activity on Visnos, a reimagined version of the Sieve of Erastosphenes. Although there are other versions of the sieve on web, most are just a rehash of the standard method used by school students across the globe.

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New Activity Percentage Fraction Decimal Grids

Fractions, decimals and percentages are an important part of the mathematicians toolkit. Especially being able to quickly convert between each type. This new activity helps anyone learn about the process, by using a either a brightly colored square or circle that can be divided up into different colored parts.

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It's PI not Pie - Happy Pi day 2013

So just to point out that PI day has once again come around. Last year got quite an increase in traffic to visnos as people visited for the PI interactive activity. This I am sure was in part helped by the fact that I had commented on every single PI related blog post I could find.

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Times Tables Redesign

So a lot of changes have been made to the times tables interface, hopefully it is still quite clear how to use the activity. Icons are now being used instead of plain text buttons, this has two advantages. First they are more compact and second they work better for none English speakers.

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Finally a new activity

So it has been a while since something completely new was released. The emphasis has been an emphasis on improving the existing activities. But live today is the new time calculations activity that uses two independent clocks. The activity can also generate some typical time duration question.

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Addition & Subtraction facts with a number line

The addition and subtraction facts interactive activity has been greatly improved. A tutorial video has finally been added and the interface has been redesigned with many new features. The automatic mode has been removed,in its place is a new a new random action button. When clicked a random number fact problem is created, the clouds of fog or sea transparency hide the penguins. This allow the teacher to reveal various parts and so the pupils can deduce what the sum or subtraction is.

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Updates - working offline - new blog section

Finally the latest shiniest version of the website is live, this includes the blog section which you are now reading. Many more updates listed below, the biggest change though is now the activities will work offline.

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