Percentages Fractions and Decimals Grid

This interactive activity explores the representation of fractions, decimals and percentages using either a square or circle divided into equal parts. When the activity is launched, a 100 square grid is shown. Click the random button to create a grid of different colors. The squares change so they are either orange or white. You can change the number of colors using the color number control, change it to 5 and press random again and there will now be 5 different colors in the grid. You can arrange the grid automatically by clicking arrange button, to reset the grid back to white click the trash button

To select your own fraction simply select one of the colors and click and drag your mouse over the either the grid or the circle.

Display options

The initial set up is ideal for explaining percentages since there are 100 squares, but this can be changed by using the divisions selection. You can also change from the square to a circle by clicking the shape toggle control

Hiding or Showing the values

On the right side of the screen our colored rectangles with ? labels. Click one of these to turn the rectangle over to display its decimal,percentage or fraction value. To change a whole column click one of the buttons above to toggle hide or show. Note values on display automatically change as the grid or circle is changed.

The fraction values by default are simplified, to change this click the cancel fraction toggle control.

Related activities

This activity is closely related to the interactive fraction wall. Ihe interactive clock can also be used to display fractions using a clock face.

Select the number of parts for the fraction
Select the number of different colors in the grid
Choose between display type, a square grid or circle.
Click for a new random grid
Click to reset the grid so all parts are white
Click to arrange so the same colors are next to each other
Choose whether to simplify the fraction when possible
Click to show or hide all the fraction values
Click to show or hide all the percentage values
Click to show or hide all the decimals values