First Lesson Starter

Lesson starters can be a great way to get your students minds working and focused. They can also allow the teacher a few minutes to get organized for class while the students complete the task

The lesson starters will be different from the usual visnos activities that are generally designed to teach a specific topic. The lesson starters however are designed for students to find answers to a set of problems over the course of a few minutes.

This can be useful as it can allow students to remember a previous topic and can also allow the teacher to identify misconceptions.

Percentage Decimal & Fractions of a Value

The first starter activity uses a large spinner surrounded by ten values that are either percentages, decimals,fractions or a mixture of all three. Press the spin button and when complete, the class have to find each the fraction,percentage or decimal multiplied by the spinner value. A timer ticks down giving one minute to complete the activity. The answers can be found in a variety of ways so the different strategies can be discussed with the class

More to come

If this starter activity is popular then I will go about creating more and probably put them on their own page

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