Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy Policy and Cookie Usage

This site uses cookies or simple tracking of visitors coming to the site.
For more information visit visnos privacy policy page

How do I provide feedback ?

Visnos welcomes feedback both positive and negative, if you have tried the any of the activities and would like to comment. Then please send an

Where does name Visnos come from, what does it mean ?

The name Visnos comes from an amalgamation of visual and numbers. The goal of the site being to show mathematic concepts visually.

What age group is Visnos aimed at?

The initial target area is primary school ranging to lower secondary, but this is not set in stone. For example the interactive polygon could be used to explore quite complex concepts or just to create an equilateral triangle. The interactive clock could be used to learn how to tell the time on an analogue clock or a more difficult investigation such as at what times in the day are the minute and hour hands 60° apart?

What web browsers are supported?

As of 2018 visnos has dropped support for older versions of internet explorer. This is because web traffic indicated only a tiny number of people would be affected. However it means that the site can be updated to latest version of jQuery which should mean a faster and leaner experience for all users.

If you notice any issues with the site please send an with the subject support.