Fractal activity updated

The fractal activity has a brand new look. Further you can now download your creations as an svg vector file, png or even share a link

So for example image to the right shares a resemblance to a city viewed from above at night. Click this link to view the fractal with the settings that produced it.

Improved Graphical User Interface

The previous version placed all the main controls in one section. This produced quite a cluttered interface and was not ideal for touch screens. The new design separates the variables that produce the fractal and the style section.

Performance Enhancements

Under the hood even more changes have been made, the previous version had a max calculations setting. This was to stop the interface from freezing while calculating large amounts of points. That setting has now been removed, instead in normal mode if the a sections calculations take longer than 250ms then the execution stops. However in the styles section it is now possible to turn on the webworker setting. In this mode calculations are kept off the main thread, this means the interface will not freeze. In this mode the overall the computation is slower, but all calculations are completed.

Twitter Share

A twitter share button has also been added, so you can share your creations on social media.