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I am pleased to announce Bar Math, a complete system designed to help students visually understand Math concepts. Ideal for teaching arithmetic by visually demonstrating the four rules addition,subtraction, multiplication and division. The same system can be extended to provide a better way to learn about fractions, directed numbers and algebra.

Three different apps are in development, the first is for learning comprehensively the multiplication tables. With practice students will confidently multiply, divide, find factors and generally build a solid foundation for understanding number. The second app focuses on addition and subtraction, students will be able to quickly recall addition and subtraction facts. The third app teaches fractions using the knowledge acquired in the previous to develop a deep understanding.

The system will be used by a number of new apps that will be released first on iPads, but later on android, windows and possibly other platforms. If you have an iPad please consider purchasing the app as the revenues generated will help improve visnos too.

If you wish to find out more please visit the bar mathematics website

The first app bar mathematics Multiplication & Division is now available from the appstore.

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example of bar-maths system