It's PI not Pie - Happy Pi day 2013

So just to point out that PI day has once again come around. Last year got quite an increase in traffic to visnos as people visited for the PI interactive activity. This I am sure was in part helped by the fact that I had commented on every single PI related blog post I could find.

PI glorious PI

Anyway this year there seem to be fewer interesting articles about the mathematical constant PI and much more about eating. The commercial sector (in the USA) have really moved in to exploit the day. There are promotions for pizzas, cookies, pies and just about anything round. The day will no doubt become more prominent on the gastronomic calendar than the mathematics calendar. In the same way that Shrove Tuesday has been all but renamed pancake Tuesday.

Let's get back to the real meaning of PI

To celebrate the day I suggest you open up the π activity. As the polygon beautifully animates to open and reveal the magic length of the circumference of a circle (2π I know), please take a moment to reflect on the true meaning of the incredibly number PI.