New Activity Percentage Fraction Decimal Grids

Fractions, decimals and percentages are an important part of the mathematicians toolkit. Especially being able to quickly convert between each type. This new activity helps anyone learn about the process, by using a either a brightly colored square or circle that can be divided up into different colored parts.

On the right hand side of the square/circle a list shows the amount of each color shown as a fraction, decimal or percentage. These values can be shown or hidden, so can then be used to develop strategies to convert between each type. The colors can be randomised or manually painted by selecting a brush color and then clicking and dragging over the square/circle.

The new activity complements the fraction wall activity which is used to compare different fractions amounts. The percentage fraction grid or circle is for showing how one whole is divided. The square with 100 parts is idea for percentages and the fraction part can be automatically cancelled down.

As always with Visnos visual maths, allowing the cold numbers to be shown along with the visual graphic representation can make the concepts much easier to understand